CWN update: William Penn Foundation Watershed Protection Program assists farmers in sustainable practices

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We’re writing to inform you of the widespread success of the William Penn Foundation Watershed Protection Program in educating farmers of sustainable practices. William Penn Foundation is a supporter of the CLEAN WATER NETWORK and the Delaware River Watershed Initiative, a coalition of more than 50 organizations dedicated to improving water quality in the area.

Although the Clean Water Act addresses point-source pollution from factories and pipelines, it does not address nonpoint sources of water contamination, which include water from building roofs, roads, and farms. Nonprofits have taken the lead to protect our waterways from nonpoint water pollution.

Nonprofits funded by the William Penn Foundation work directly with farmers to change the way they manage their fields and livestock to benefit water quality and farm efficiency. Environmental professionals and volunteers undertake projects such as mass planting trees along river banks to create a riparian buffer that helps filter runoff. Farmers can also work with conservation groups to develop nutrient management plans, which use timing and location to reduce the amount of nutrients that reaches streams.

We would like to thank the William Penn Foundation and their grantees for their great work in stream protection.

If your organization/local watershed group is in a similar situation and would like to get in contact with the William Penn Foundation, please contact Kimberly Williams, Coordinator of the CLEAN WATER NETWORK, at

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