Ban Chlorpyrifos in Maryland  Social Media Toolkit

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Ban Chlorpyrifos in Maryland
Social Media Toolkit 


Please post these NOW, stay tuned for another group of messages after the hearing Feb 7.  


Thank you Delegate Dana Stein and Senator @ShirleyNPulliam for introducing legislation to #BanChlorpyrifos in Maryland! #MDGA18 

Protect our Maryland kids and #BanChlorpyrifos! This highly toxic, nerve agent pesticide has no business in our state! 

DYK? Whenever chlorpyrifos is sprayed, it can cause immediate and long-term health harms to kids, farmers, farmworkers and others who are exposed. #BanChlorpyrifos 

It’s not safe for farmworkers, it’s not safe for our children, it’s not safe for YOU. Chlorpyrifos is a highly toxic, nerve agent pesticide that should be banned. More info here: #BanChlorpyrifos 

Don’t miss the latest news – stay up to date on the #BanChlorpyrifos bill here: #MDGA18 


This legislative session, Delegate Dana Stein and Senator Shirley Nathan-Pulliam are introducing legislation to #BanChlorpyrifos, a highly toxic, nerve agent pesticide proven to cause brain damage in children and known to harm the environment and wildlife. Learn more: 

Pediatric cancer, neurobehavioral deficits, developmental delays, asthma…the risks associated with the pesticide chlorpyrifos are high. We’re calling on the Maryland General Assembly to protect our children, our people, our wildlife and #BanChlorpyrifos 

Last year the EPA was set to ban the pesticide chlorpyrifos after years of study proved it to be too dangerous for use. Unfortunately, the EPA reversed its decision, but Maryland can ensure protections even if the EPA doesn’t. Join us to demand Maryland #BanChlorpyrifos NOW! 

Make sure you stay updated on the bill to #BanChlorpyrifos. Sign up for our action alerts here: 


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