• Maryland has a wealth
    of natural diversity
    We need your help to keep it that way


Because Maryland also has a large and growing human population, protecting our natural assets requires constant monitoring at state and local levels. The Maryland Conservation Council brings together organizations throughout the state to create a strong voice for the environment and to coordinate effective action by citizens with knowledge, expertise, and energy.

Developers, government agencies, and other groups whose plans and programs impact the environment need the information and the support or opposition that a coalition of environmentalists can provide.  Environmental organizations that monitor local activities or fight to save threatened natural areas can benefit from the advice, encouragement, and support of other MCC organizations. We meet once a month to exchange information and facilitate action.

You and your organization will benefit by tapping into the reservoir of talent and resources of the Council. Please complete the attached form and mail it today with your membership dues.  The types of membership are described below. The membership year begins July 1 and ends June 30.